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Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații
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Practice Areas
Practice areas
Corporate & Commercial

Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii provides a broad range of corporate services to either publicly held corporations as well as private companies. We assist local and international corporations in all phases of a firm’s cycle.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in large domestic and international joint-ventures, documentary sales, negotiating, drafting and reviewing international contracts, developing expertise in every major industry, including financial institutions, large heavy industry units, consumer goods, telecommunications, as well as in cross-border transactions and investments, offering expert advice in developing sophisticated and optimal structures.

We are active in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions – major mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as equity investments and change of control transactions. We also counsel businesses in connection with their ongoing contractual relationships with domestic and international customers, suppliers, and distributors.

Our corporate practice covers a multitude of areas concerning local or international corporations, including banking and finance; mergers and acquisitions; de-mergers, acquisition of assets and divestitures, real estate transactions and many others.

Scope of Practice
Corporate Establishment and Restructuring
assessing legal requirements for acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, setting-up new companies ; drafting by-laws for all types of corporate structures; assisting during registration and obtaining required authorizations and licensing for operations; assistance upon the increase or decrease of share capital using various methods (contribution in kind or in cash, debt- equity swap and so on); assessing legal requirements for winding off, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy.
Corporate Governance
advice and assistance in governance and compliance issues, including management contracts, codes of conduct; a wide range of corporate governance matters such as voting rights and shareholders’ agreements, providing secretarial services for general meetings of shareholders.
Corporate Disputes
assistance and representation in shareholding, management and other corporate disputes, litigation, settlements and arbitration.
Commercial Contracts
drafting, negotiating and amending all types of commercial contracts (sale-purchase, rent, leasing, distribution, sponsorship, partnership, joint-venture, franchise, loan, credit, mandate, agency, assignment, construction, reparation, maintenance, security, mortgage, any type of collaterals, insurance, advertising etc.).
Day-to-Day Operations
advising on all material aspects of the day-to-day operations of the client: assisting and advising on legal compliance in corporate bodies’ meetings and in any decision making process; ensuring legal and secretarial assistance during general meetings of shareholders; drafting documents related to corporate governance and proceedings to their duly registration and publication; audit the material commercial contracts of the client; assess their legal and regulatory compliance; provide advise for enhancing contractual performance and coverage in the case of non-performance; periodically assess threatening commercial litigation and courses of action in the case of breach by the contractual partners and assist in conciliations procedures; advise and applying for required authorizations, licenses, permits and clearances.

Assisting world's number one steel company in group restructuring process following the acquisition of Arcelor, including reorganization of pipes and tubes activities, merger / de-merger scenarios etc. [...]
Assisting the largest fix telecom company in Romania in connection [...]
Assisting the leading financial services provider in Central Europe [...]
Florentin ネ嗽ca
Gabriel Zbârcea
Cornel Popa
Rトホvan Gheorghiu-Testa
Levana Zigmund
Oana Ureche
Christina Vlădescu
Ioana Gelepu
Silvana Ivan
Irina Moinescu
Cトフトネin Bトナculescu
Vlad Cercel
Dragoș Apostol
Gabriela Anton
Anca Pușcașu
Horia Ispas
Ciprian Timofte
Veronica Aman
Mihai Anghel
Maria Avram
Mihaela Băiculescu
Marius Bârlădeanu
Dana Blaer
Ovidiu-Daniel Boureanu
Dana Busini
Paul Butuzar
Raluca Chelaru
Florina Chirilă
Sergiu Creネ孛
Evangeline Cruceanu
Amalia Dumitru
Oana Gavril (Cornescu)
Nisa Jecu
Daniela Manolea
Mihaela Maxim
Oana Mina
Raluca Mișu
Dominic Morega
Lucian Moroi
Ioana Mトビculeネ
Robert Niță
Ruxandra Niță
Cristina Olariu
Roxana Panト
Ioana Pătrașcu
Alexandra Pereナ
Florentina Petriネ冩r
Cristiana Cătălina Pițigoi
Andrei Sandu
Ștefania Șerban
Sorina Ștefoni
Cornelia Tăbîrță
Alina Țurcanu
Cătălina Turtoi
Alina Ungureanu
Andreea Ungureanu
Gabriel Văsii
Nicoleta Vîlceanu
Laurenネ嬖u Vトピii

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