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Whether it is about finding the optimal tax planning or ensuring a smooth compliance of your transactions, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Tax is best suited to serve you, due to our team’s strength and experience and our dynamic and flexible approach to the market. We are committed to always be the adding value tax adviser, thinking outside the box of traditional audit firms.

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December 2016 Issue

19 December 2016
Guilty as Charged or Fight Till the End? Big Data is the New Currency... But When Do Deep Pockets of Data Cross the Line to Become an Antitrust Issue? Damages for Breach of Antitrust Law. A New Private Enforcement Era? Compliance Is Definitely the Name of the Game
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July 2016 Issue

21 July 2016
Personal Data: The New “Oil” of The Digital Economy Moving Data Centres to Romania: The Do’s and Don’ts The Thorny Issue of Notifications Concerning Personal Data Processing The Watchful Eye
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April 2016 Issue

19 April 2016
Tax Policy Outlook in 2016. The Challenges Before Us What Did the Author Mean? A Case Study The Tax Procedure Code Under Scrutiny VAT Changes in the 2016 New Tax Code Let Our Team Do the Talking!
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May 2014 Issue

19 May 2014
New Trends in International Arbitration - Recent Developments and Perspectives Third Party Funding in International Arbitration Football and International Arbitration: One Game for All Choosing a GAFTA Contract and Implicitly a GAFTA Arbitration Clause Might Generate Risks for Romanian Farmers Boutique or Regional Practice that Impressed in International Arbitration
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July 2013 Issue

29 July 2013
What’s Past is Prologue: The Outcome of the Legal and Regulatory Changes in the Energy Sector European Commission Clearance for Large Renewable Projects Red Light for Green Power Producers An Investor’s Perspective on Key Topics within the Energy Sector
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October 2012 Issue

31 October 2012
The New Health Law: a Solid Anchor or Just a Shy New Beginning? They Agreed to Disagree: Why Context Matters in Cartel Assessment Challenges on the Local Pharmaceutical Market The Clawback Tax, an Error in Substance or in Form?
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