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Whether it is about finding the optimal tax planning or ensuring a smooth compliance of your transactions, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Tax is best suited to serve you, due to our team’s strength and experience and our dynamic and flexible approach to the market. We are committed to always be the adding value tax adviser, thinking outside the box of traditional audit firms.

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June 2012 Issue

18 June 2012
The CNVM's Role in Alleviating the Adverse Effects of the Financial Crisis Shareholders' Right To Be Informed Balancing Two Principles: All Shareholders Have the Same Rights and the Company's Interests Should Be Safeguarded New Legislative Trend: Extending Shareholders' Rights in Listed Companies
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November 2011 Issue

28 November 2011
Romania’s Civil Code: Where Do We Stand After One Hundred and Forty Seven Years? Abuse of Rights Under the New Civil Code A Judge’s Power to Adapt or Terminate a Contract at the Request of a Party Breaking New Legal Ground. Romania’s New Codes
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March 2011 Issue

11 March 2011
Can the New PPP Law Help Generate Private Investment in Public Projects? Public Procurement Law Reform: The Tries and Tribulations of the Romanian Public Tender Sector Otopeni Joint Venture: Moving towards the International Model A Bidder Proves his Point: Admissibility of Expert Reports in Final Appeals Proceedings of Public Tender Litigation
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October 2010 Issue

31 October 2010
The Crisis: Aroused Competitiveness or Increased Collusion? How to Finance a Greenfield Investment with State Support Romanian Courts` Approach on Suspension of Financial Penalties Imposed by the Competition Council “I Know an Abuse When I See One”
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June 2010 Issue

10 June 2010
Do We Have Enough Rich People to Tax Them Out? Insolvency Proceedings in front of an EU Court against a Romanian company Herding the Debtor out of the Woods Sale by OMV Petrom of its Petrochemicals Business Activity A Bird`s-Eye View of Certain Controversial Aspects in Engineering Contracts Insolvency: Current Procedural Shortcomings Preventative Composition Law vs. Insolvency Law
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February 2010 Issue

16 February 2010
New Year`s Resolutions Is the State Responsible for the Conduct of State Owned Enterprises? EDF Services Ltd. v. Romania - the Case, the Work and the Winner Crossing Spain: a Business Card from Madrid
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