Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Real Estate

1. What are the main sources of real estate law?


The main sources of real estate law are: (i) the Romanian Constitution; (ii) the New Civil Code; (iii) the Fiscal Code; (iv) the Cadastral Law No. 7/1996; (v) Law No. 50/1991 on the authorisation of construction works; (vi) Law No. 10/1995 on building
standards; (vii) Land Law No. 18/1991; (viii) Law No. 1/2000 on the reinstatement of ownership rights over agricultural and forest lands; (ix) Law No. 10/2001 on the legal regime of real estate illegally seized between 6 March 1945 and 22 December 1989; (x) Law No. 247/2005 for reform in ownership and justice; (xi) Law No. 165/2013 on certain measures for finalising the process of restitution, of real estate illegally seized by the State during the communist regime; (xii) Law No. 213/1998 on public property; (xiii) Law No. 350/2001 on urban development and land use planning, (xiv) Law No. 17/2014 on certain measures on the sale and purchase of extra muros agricultural lands, the amendment of Law No. 268/2001 on the privatisation of companies that manage State’s public and private property for agricultural purposes, and the establishment of the Agency of State Domains, (xv) Law No. 46/2008 regarding the Forestry Code, (xvi) Law No. 312/2005 regarding the acquisition of private ownership rights over lands by foreigners and stateless persons, etc.

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